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Surviving Cold & Flu Season

I’ve been watching with interest the news reports of cold and flu outbreaks all over the country. Closer to home, I’ve seen – or rather not seen because they were home in bed – quite a few friends, neighbors and acquaintances suffering and feeling miserable. Many had received a flu vaccine, yet they still got sick. Thank goodness my family and I did not. Was it luck? I think not. For the past eight years I’ve been consuming most of Sunrider’s high quality herbal products. My two favorites for helping ward off catching something nasty are Conco (helps support & nourish the respiratory system) and Alpha 20C (boosts the immune system). My 19-year-old son, who was very skeptical when he was younger about taking Conco & Alpha 20C (and anything else Sunrider) during cold and flu season, knows first hand the difference it makes. He has not had a cold or flu for several years, while many of his friends have. I no longer have to prompt him to take anything Sunrider, he simple does because it works. Is there any better testimony to the effectiveness of Sunrider’s products than the sight of a teenager freely consuming them? Contact me for free newsletter on Surviving Cold & Flu Season.