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The Beauty of Regeneration

It’s a beautiful, sunny, and mild (for upstate New York) March day. It’s the kind of day that makes my heart sing as I feel spring is truly just around the corner. The air smells different. The birds’ songs are sweeter. The chipmunks – who have been hibernating since late November – are peeking their little striped heads out of their burrows and scurrying around with tails high in the air to check out what the squirrels are doing and find something to eat. Best of all, the maple trees have a reddish hue from the leaf buds – though still dormant – that are ready and seemingly eager to make an appearance in a few short weeks.

Having lived in Southern California for the past 21 years, this first real winter in as many years, has been fun (especially being able to ski, sled & snowshoe). As winter winds down, I am vividly reminded of the cycle of life and change of seasons that wasn’t so readily evident in San Diego. Animals, plants, and humans are ready to regenerate, to start anew, be reborn. The brown, nondescript plants and bulbs – forsythia, crocuses, daffodils, and azaleas – are waiting to spring to life – despite being hidden under what’s left of the snow. This regeneration of life that takes place every year at this time is beautiful, magical and amazing.

But we, the humans in the natural equation, don’t need to wait till spring to regenerate or be reborn – although this is as good a time as any to embrace the Philosophy of Regeneration and Nourish, Balance, and Cleanse our bodies. Hippocrates – the so-called father of modern medicine said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Like Hippocrates, the ancient Chinese believed in a natural healing power. While Hippocrates called it the physis, the Chinese called it the Chi. Their therapeutic goal was to free and strengthen that healing Chi by restoring balance between the many opposing forces in the body. Strengthening the Chi regenerates the body in the sense that it returns control to the source of the body’s health, which is the body itself. Thousands of years of research of ancient Chinese herbal formulas found that if you give the body the right combination of whole foods, the body has the ability to put itself in balance and create harmony.

Every body is different. None of us are genetically the same. However, no matter how different our bodies are, every body has one thing in common – each body is constantly striving for balance – every cell, every system, every organ. No matter where we are, what temperature we’re in, no matter what we are doing, the body is always trying to balance itself. In order for the body to do that, it must have the right combination of whole foods – 1) YIN (nourish); 2) YANG (cleanse); and 3) BALANCE (all five major systems in the body to work as a team).

Fortunately, there is an excellent company that is based on and embraces this philosophy of regeneration – Sunrider. The even better news is that Sunrider has a specific regeneration program I use daily to maintain vibrant health. If you are interested in putting your body in balance, finding out more about the regeneration products and Philosophy of Regeneration, please contact me.

Here’s to your health!